Dunkirk, the theatre of Operation Dynamo, is today in danger. Its beaches, where many soldiers died, will be disfigured by a 300 m high wind turbine factory.

I am thinking of all my English friends.

Help us and sign the petition to change this !

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Many great people, like Christopher Nolan or Harry Styles have helped to make the History of our beaches known through their art. Many fell in battle and others were able to survive thanks to the hundred of small boats, all fishing boats, sent from England.

Let’s not forget them, let’s respect our history and those who died for our freedom.

This important place, with history is now in danger, and will be destroyed.

Dunkirk History destroyed by a industrial project ?

No more memories…

Dunkirk and England have a close relationship due to their common past.

Let us keep our beaches where suffering, courage, determination and sacrifice have left their mark on our hearts.

Dunkirk has a great story with all our english friends.

Do not forget

And help to let survive a beach, where suffer, courage was there !

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Thanks !